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🇧🇷 BCR Podcast #11: Onsite at Consensus 2022 with Bitso CEO Daniel Vogel

🇧🇷 BCR Podcast #11: Onsite at Consensus 2022 with Bitso CEO Daniel Vogel

Head of Latam's first unicorn crypto exchange discusses Bitso's first year of operation in the Brazil market

Fala pessoal,

Happy Friday! I had the opportunity to sit down with Bitso CEO Daniel Vogel at Consensus 2022 last week for an onsite Brazil Crypto Report podcast recording, where we discussed Bitso’s first full year of operation in the Brazilian market. (You can also listen to this on Spotify)

I’ve been fan of Daniel for some time now, so it was a pleasure to finally chat 1:1. In particular, I appreciate his passion for finding value-added use cases and pathways to adoption for crypto that go beyond just price and “number go up” speculation and FOMO (or, more accurately, “number go down” given the current market conditions). That’s a rather heterodox position for a crypto exchange CEO to take IMO.

We discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for Bitso in Brazil thus far, how the market compares to other Latam countries like Mexico and Argentina where the company has had success, how impending regulation can help crypto’s image problems in Brazil, and what his Consensus 2022 experience was like.

Brazil is a difficult place to do business even for locals, and much more so for foreign companies looking to enter the market and play by domestic rules. So I appreciate the effort he’s putting in to building out Bitso in this market (even relocating his family to São Paulo). Succeed or fail, you can’t fault Daniel for lack of effort.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.


I appreciate Daniel and the Bitso team for braving the sweltering heat and making this podcast recording possible!

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