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🇧🇷 BCR Podcast: Antonio Neto, Head of Latam at FTX

🇧🇷 BCR Podcast: Antonio Neto, Head of Latam at FTX

FTX's Brazil Country Manager discusses why he thinks the country's crypto scene is poised for explosive growth over the next year

👋 bd frens,

I’m excited to announce the first ever edition of the Brazil Crypto Report podcast 🎉

In this inaugural edition I sit down with Antonio Neto, the head of Brazil and Latam at FTX.

While FTX is seemingly taking over the entire world right now, it has played a quiet yet important role in Brazil over the last couple of years and will undoubtedly be a critical player for years to come.

As FTX’s first employee in the Latam region, Antonio has had a front row seat to the exchange’s explosive growth. He joins us to share his thoughts on the current state of the Brazil crypto market and beyond.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. As always, thank you for reading, listening to and supporting Brazil Crypto Report!

Tchau tchau,


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Some highlights to listen for from this episode:

  • How Antonio got into bitcoin in 2012 and connected with FTX in 2020 (spoiler alert: Sam Bankman-Fried followed him on Twitter and then offered him a job)

  • What it’s been like to work inside a company like FTX that is experiencing hockey stick growth

  • The enormous need for financial education and literacy in Brazil and the opportunities that crypto offers for Brazilians who don’t have access to traditional investments. This combined with “get rich quick” mentalities has led to a preponderance of pyramid schemes that have created some negative perceptions for the industry locally.

  • The state of the exchange marketplace in Brazil, with local giants like Mercado Bitcoin jostling for new customers against overseas exchanges looking to get a piece of the pie

  • Why Brazil has been so overlooked by the broader Western and English-speaking crypto community

  • The current state of regulation in the country and how crypto businesses are responding

  • How the Brazilian crypto community has evolved and matured, particularly since 2017

  • What the Brazil needs to do to become a leader in the Latam region

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