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#48 Onsite at Consensus 2023: Guilherme Santana of Preservaland

#48 Onsite at Consensus 2023: Guilherme Santana of Preservaland

Preservaland founder joins to discuss how NFTs are being used for land conservation in the Amazon Brazil
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🔥 Quick shout out to our partners at the BlockchainSP Festival and Digital Finance Brasil. These events will take place June 20-23 at the University of São Paulo and bring together crypto and TradFi professionals, students, hackers and investors from all walks

The team announced this past week that former Brazilian Central Bank President and current Binance advisor Henrique Meirelles will join as keynote speaker

Olá pessoal!

I had the chance to catch up with Guilherme Santana at Consensus 2023 in Austin. Guilherme is an engineer, biotech entrepreneur, crypto OG and the founder of Preservaland, which is a project that uses NFTs to incentivize landowners to protect their holdings from deforestation.

We talk about how the Preservaland team identifies land in Brazil that is considered “preservable” and then pay the landowner to convert the land to a special legal status preventing it from being deforested or developed.

The parcel of land is then represented by an NFT, as well as relevant metadata, which can be purchased by publicly-traded companies looking to keep carbon credits or biodiversity credits on their balance sheet.

In addition, we discuss:

  • pain points inherent in carbon credit issuance and accounting, and how blockchain can help address these problems

  • why high quality and verifiable carbon assets are difficult to come by

  • how a publicly-traded bank in Brazil now holds a Preservaland NFT on its balance sheet

  • why US companies will need to look to solutions such as Preservaland when the SEC rules requiring carbon impact reporting go live in 2024

  • how Preservaland created a compliance platform to verify the land and quantify environmental impact pursuant to Brazilian law

I enjoyed talking with Guilherme and hearing about his market-based approach conservation to carbon credits using NFTs and tokenization. You can also listen on Spotify

Have a great week everyone!


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