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BCR Podcast #10: Mauricio Magaldi on Why Brazil's Crypto Bill May Be Harmful to Startups

BCR Podcast #10: Mauricio Magaldi on Why Brazil's Crypto Bill May Be Harmful to Startups

11:FS's Global Strategy Director for Crypto and BlockDrops podcast discusses why the needs of entrepreneurs and bootstrapping startups need to be factored into regulation

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Mauricio Magaldi is Global Strategy Director for crypto at 11:FS, a digital banking and financial services consultancy out of London. He's also the host of the BlockDrops and BlockTalks podcasts, plays drums for a heavy metal band, has two cats and advises several startups in the crypto space. 

We talk about his path from leading enterprise blockchain efforts for IBM in Latin America in 2017 to becoming a full-on crypto degen, podcast host and influencer in the Brazil crypto space.

Mauricio also dives into his involvement in the upcoming Blockchain Rio conference, and shares his views on why the crypto legislation working through the Brazilian Congress may be harmful to innovation in the country if the needs of startups aren't taken into account.

While the industry in Brazil has come out in full support (more or less) of the legislation, it has undoubtedly been more heavily influenced by big money players than the little guys. This dynamic is by no means unique to crypto in Brazil, but there could be very real consequences here that could make compliance costs unsustainable for entrepreneurs and bootstrapping startups.

Note: this is a crossover episode! Mauricio and I record an episode in Portuguese so be sure to check that out on his channel! 

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Twitter: @blockdropspod

Linkedin: @magaldi

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