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BCR Podcast #13: Yields, Exchanges and Consumer Protection in Latam with Kirill Gertman

BCR Podcast #13: Yields, Exchanges and Consumer Protection in Latam with Kirill Gertman

The CEO of Conduit Financial, a DeFi API provider, discusses how brokers can responsibly offer crypto yield products to customers

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Crypto yield products are in the middle of a maelstrom amid the ongoing woes of Celsius, Voyager, BlockFi and other “CeFi” platforms that promised attractive returns to draw in customer deposits, but have now found themselves (and customer funds) in dire straits.

As CeFi bankruptcy and insolvency rumors continue to rifle across the industry, the case to avoid any type of centralized yield product seems as strong as ever.

But perhaps the problem here isn’t the yields themselves, but rather the opaque methods by which the yields are being generated and lack of transparency within the centralized entities offering them.

I sat down with Kirill Gertman, CEO of DeFi API provider Conduit Financial, to discuss how crypto brokers in Latam can offer these products to their customers without exposing themselves to excessive risk.

We also dive into what exchanges, brokers and fintechs looking to offer these products need to factor in when looking for a DeFi on-ramp.

I approached this conversation with a degree of skepticism given current market conditions, but walked away feeling more confident that with proper risk management these products can offer real value to consumers in the Latam market, especially during uncertain economic times.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did

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