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BCR Podcast #21: Conor Brady Previews Ethereum São Paulo

BCR Podcast #21: Conor Brady Previews Ethereum São Paulo

ETH SP hackathon to convene the Brazil builder community September 9-11

Fala pessoal!

In this episode I’m joined again by Conor Brady, head of Ethereum Brasil, who is the organizer for Ethereum São Paulo event happening September 9-11.

🎉Conor is also my first-ever repeat guest for this podcast so congratulations to him on that feat.

We discuss the upcoming ETH SP event and how he’s using it to support the builder community in Brazil and keep driving momentum after a super successful Ethereum Rio conference last March. The market conditions may be different now and prices may be down, but there’s still a ton of energy in the Brazil market that Conor is trying to convene. Head over to to learn more.

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I enjoyed this conversation and I really appreciate what Conor and is team are doing to advance the Brazil Web3 community amid a tough market.

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I’m personally super excited to be there representing both the Filecoin/IPFS ecosystem as well as Brazil Crypto Report. I hope to see some of you there and meet some new faces. Feel free to hit me up at or @AaronStanley on Telegram.

I’ll also be speaking at Blockchain Rio September 1-4 and looking to meet some new folks and connect with old friends so feel free to ping me if you’ll be around. You can also use BRAZILCRYPTOREPORT to get 10% off on your ticket.

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