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BCR Podcast #35: Why Brazil is Leading the Way on Asset Tokenization with Maurício Magaldi

BCR Podcast #35: Why Brazil is Leading the Way on Asset Tokenization with Maurício Magaldi

Host of Blockchain Insider podcast joins to discuss the state of enterprise digital asset adoption, asset tokenization and the regulatory landscape

Olá pessoal!

Today, Mauricio Magaldi of Blockchain Insider joins the podcast to discuss his predictions for the Brazil crypto ecosystem in 2023.

The last time Maurício’s came on the BCR podcast last June, he had just joined 11:FS, the London-based financial services consultancy, as Global Strategy Director. He gives us an update on his new gig and his insider point-of-view on how financial institutions are approaching crypto and digital transformation amid this bear market.

A few of the the other subjects we touch on:

  • The demise of several noteworthy enterprise blockchain projects from the “old guard” era of 2017-19 and how these enterprise use cases have since modified

  • The growing interest in asset tokenization across the financial services sector globally and relevant use cases in Brazil, such as real estate and tokenizing rights to football players

  • The benefits and efficiency gains of tokenization versus TradFi means of fractionalizing assets

  • The tech savviness of the Brazilian population and how adoption could quickly occur

  • Why he’s bullish on Web3 social networks in 2023

You can follow Mauricío and Blockchain Insider on Spotify and his Portuguese language podcast BlockDrops. Also catch him on Twitter

I really enjoyed this conversation with Maurício and I hope you do as well.



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