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BCR Podcast #36: Can a Digital Real Transform Brazil's Economy?

BCR Podcast #36: Can a Digital Real Transform Brazil's Economy?

Fuse Capital co-founder João Zecchin and InfoMoney crypto editor Paulo Alves join to to discuss why the Digital Real could be transformational

Olá pessoal!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Friends, if you’re not paying attention to the Digital Real project and not understanding what’s going on here, you really need to be.

To make that task easier for you, I’ve been putting together a series of interviews gathering different perspectives on this subject.

Last week I hosted Gustavo Cunha on the pod to discuss the mechanics of how the CBDC is being designed and the recent pilot announcement (highly recommend listening here if you missed it!),

For today’s episode I brought in one of the Brazil’s top crypto journalists and one of the its leading Web3 investors to discuss the potential impacts of this technology on Brazil’s economy. Both are friends and previous guests of the show

  • João Zecchin is a co-founder of Fuse Capital, which is one of Brazil’s first Web3 native venture capital firms. You can listen to my previous episode with him here.

  • Paulo Alves is the crypto editor at InfoMoney, which is one of Brazil’s leading financial media publications. (Previous episode here)

Some of the themes we discuss:

  • why the money transfer use case in Brazil has largely been solved by Pix

  • how the Digital Real will unlock “real world” asset tokenization use cases that produce real yield for holders, and how these developments could unlock new capital flows into the country

  • what Digital Real innovation will mean for existing commercial banks and how it can stimulate greater competition in the Brazilian financial system

  • potential new tokenized products and services that could be unlocked via Digital Real infrastructure

  • some predictions about who will be the biggest winners and losers of this transformation

You can also listen to this episode on Spotify here

I hope you enjoy this conversation with João and Paulo.


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