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BCR Podcast #39: MB's Rony Szuster on Ethereum's Shapella upgrades

BCR Podcast #39: MB's Rony Szuster on Ethereum's Shapella upgrades

Mercado Bitcoin's resident Ethereum expert joins to discuss the significance of the upcoming Shanghai and Capella hard forks

Olá pessoal!

We’ve got a special podcast episode today ahead of the Shanghai and Capella hard forks, which are the latest updates to the Ethereum network following the Merge last September.

Critically, these updates mean that staked ETH and staking rewards can finally be withdrawn - 2.5 years after staking was first enabled with the launch of the Beacon Chain in December 2020.

Rony Szuster covers Ethereum and smart contract platforms for Mercado Bitcoin’s research team. He was kind enough to join the podcast to help us understand these critical updates, the impacts they may have on the market and how they fit into the broader Ethereum roadmap.

In this episode we cover:

  • the difference between Ethereum’s Consensus Layer and Execution Layer, and how the two chains communicate with one another

  • potential impacts to the market and network security should a large amount of staked ETH be withdrawn and sold

  • the role of liquid staking platforms like Lido and Rocketpool once withdrawals have been enabled

  • the viability of ETH staking as an investment opportunity in the Brazilian investment climate

You can find Rony’s latest report on the Shapella fork here. You can connect with him and the rest of the MB research team in the Mercado Bitcoin Discord server.

You can also listen on Spotify or on YouTube below

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