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BCR Podcast #43: Fortune's Leo Schwartz on Brazil's Unlikely Bid to Become a Global Crypto Hub

BCR Podcast #43: Fortune's Leo Schwartz on Brazil's Unlikely Bid to Become a Global Crypto Hub

Fortune crypto reporter joins to discuss his experience at Web Summit Rio and what he learned about the local industry

Olá pessoal!

For this latest episode, I had the chance to sit down with Leo Schwartz, who is a crypto reporter at Fortune covering focusing on policy and regulation.

He attended Web Summit Rio earlier this month and authored a great post-event column entitled "Brazil's unlikely bid to become a global crypto hub" which generated a lot of interest locally and was, frankly, the best content I’ve seen from a mainstream media outlet to date covering the Brazil crypto scene.

Leo has prior experience covering technology in Spanish-speaking Latin America - including on the ground coverage of El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption play. But his trip to Web Summit Rio at the beginning of May was his first to Brazil.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Leo’s impressions of the Brazil crypto ecosystem after moderating several Web Summit sessions on the topic and meeting with numerous local industry representatives

  • How Brazil’s emerging regulatory framework stacks up against other markets

  • How Brazilian crown jewel crypto companies like Hashdex and Parfin can compete in the global marketplace

  • His experience in Brazil vis-a-vis covering crypto and tech in Spanish-speaking Latam markets

  • How the United States’ hostile approach to crypto is forcing companies to diversify into new markets globally

You can follow Leo on Linkedin, Twitter and through his Fortune author page.

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I really enjoyed this conversation with Leo and I hope you do as well



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