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BCR Podcast #45: Inside TC Cripto with Jorge Souto and Paulo Boghosian of Traders Club

BCR Podcast #45: Inside TC Cripto with Jorge Souto and Paulo Boghosian of Traders Club

🔥This episode is possible thanks to our partners at the BlockchainSP Festival. This event will take place at the University of São Paulo and will be one of the premier events of the year for the Brazil crypto ecosystem. This festival of events will bring together crypto and TradFi professionals, students, hackers and investors from all walks. Please head over to to learn more

Olá pessoal!

For this most recent podcast I had the chance to sit down with Jorge Souto and Paulo Boghosian who run the TC Cripto program at Traders Club. Traders Club is a premium community that provides education, tools and research for primarily sophisticated traders across equities, derivatives and commodities.

Paulo and Jorge are both career TradFi professionals who pivoted into crypto in the mid-2010s. In early 2021 they spun up TC Cripto, which is a division of Traders Club focused specifically on digital assets.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The “arranged marriage” that brought Jorge and Paulo together to form TC Cripto

  • The makeup of retail versus professional traders in Brazil across different asset classes

  • Why the institutional investor community in Brazil has been slow to embrace crypto and digital assets

  • How membership in TC Cripto has continued to expand despite the bear market

  • The importance of macro conditions and indicators on crypto markets, particularly movements in the US, Europe, Japan and China

  • The Cantillon effect and its impacts on wealth and income disparities in Brazil

  • The lack of homegrown blockchain projects coming out of the Brazil ecosystem

  • Market predictions for the remainder of 2023

You can watch on YouTube below or listen on Spotify. I really enjoyed this conversation with Jorge and Paulo and I hope you do as well.