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BCR Podcast: Kristin Majcher of The Block

BCR Podcast: Kristin Majcher of The Block

The Block's Senior Latin America Correspondent tells us how seeing a crypto ad on a Buenos Aires subway led to her to become a full time crypto reporter covering the region

Kristin Majcher is Senior Correspondent for Latin America at The Block, which is a leading crypto news, research and data platform.

We discuss Kristin’s first encounter with a crypto ad on a Buenos Aires subway in 2019 and how that metastasized into her becoming a full-time crypto reporter covering the region.

Kristin talks about how she’s seeing unprecedented interest in the Brazil crypto market and how pending legislation figures to bring additional stability to the ecosystem.

We touch on the unique challenges of covering Brazil vis-a-vis other Spanish-speaking Latin American countries like El Salvador, Argentina, Colombia and others.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did. This conversation is also available on Spotify.


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