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Episode #102: Onsite at Web Summit Rio with Marcelo Sampaio and Bernardo Srur (PORTUGUESE)

Episode #102: Onsite at Web Summit Rio with Marcelo Sampaio and Bernardo Srur (PORTUGUESE)

CEO of Hashdex and CEO of ABCripto discuss how crypto ETF approvals in the US and Brazil are propelling the industry ahead

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Olá pessoal!

In this episode I’m joined by two rock stars from the Brazilian crypto universe.

Marcelo Sampaio is the CEO Hashdex, which is Brazil’s largest crypto asset manager and now has products listed in the United States and Europe. Bernardo Srur is the CEO of ABCripto, the trade group representing the industry in Brazil.

This conversation was recorded in Portuguese at the Transfero stand at Web Summit Rio back in April. Core themes discussed include:

  • How Brazil has been several years ahead of the US with regard to treatment of bitcoin ETFs and other crypto exchange traded products

  • How Brazil’s crypto market is still nascent and continues to show promising growth, with roughly 3% of the population currently participating

  • Hashdex’s journey to getting a bitcoin ETF listed in the United States

  • Why new competition in the Brazil market, which will ultimately benefit consumers and investors

  • Questions of custody and private key management in the context of ETF products

I really enjoyed this conversation with Bernardo and Marcelo and I hope you do as well. I appreciate the chance to interview both of them onstage simultaneously, and to do so in my gringo Portuguese 🤣

Have a great week everyone,


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