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Episode #108: Will Gaming Be Brazil's Killer Web3 App? with Skale's Jack O'Holleran and Andrew Saunders

Episode #108: Will Gaming Be Brazil's Killer Web3 App? with Skale's Jack O'Holleran and Andrew Saunders

We explore how Skale's novel horizontal scaling approach is enabling high performance and low cost blockchain applications

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Olá pessoal!

Today I’m joined by Skale founder Jack O’Holleran and chief marketing and growth officer Andrew Saunders.

We take a look at one of the more innovative and fast-growing blockchain platforms you may not have heard of yet. We discuss Skale’s unique approach to blockchain scaling, how this facilitates the gaming use case and why they're particularly excited about the Brazilian market.

Skale has developed a novel modular blockchain architecture that stands out in the increasingly crowded field of Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions. Their platform enables:

  • Zero gas fees for end users

  • High throughput for applications with millions of users

  • Easy deployment options for developers

The results speak for themselves - Skale has seen impressive growth in active wallets and onchain transactions in recent months.

Jack explains how Skale's technology differs fundamentally from other blockchain scaling approaches. Rather than following the typical paths of building faster Layer 1 chains or implementing rollups, Skale created a modular system that allows for horizontal scaling through app-specific chains. This architecture provides the benefits of appchains while maintaining strong security through connections to Ethereum.

One of the most exciting developments on Skale has been the rapid growth of blockchain gaming. Andrew, drawing on his previous experience marketing for companies like Amazon and Arbitrum, shares insights on why gaming is emerging as a killer use case:

  • Skale's zero-fee structure removes a major barrier for players

  • High performance enables smooth gameplay even for graphics-intensive games

  • Several Skale-based games are already available on major platforms like the Epic Games Store

The team is particularly bullish on Brazil and Latin America as key markets for expansion. Andrew, who has extensive experience working in Brazil, discusses why the region is so promising for blockchain adoption:

  • Mobile-first nature of the market aligns well with Scale's strengths

  • Tech-savvy population eager to explore new technologies

  • Potential for blockchain games to provide both entertainment and economic opportunities

Looking ahead, Skale has some major developments in the pipeline, including a significant platform upgrade coming soon and partnerships with major players in the gaming industry. The team is also exploring integrations with zero-knowledge proofs to further enhance security and scalability.

For developers interested in building on Skale, Jack outlines the flexible options available - from joining existing app-specific chains to easily deploying entirely new chains as projects grow.

This episode provides a fascinating look at a project that's taking a genuinely different approach to solving blockchain's scalability challenges.

I really enjoyed this conversation with both of them and I hope you do as well.

You can connect with Jack and Andrew on Linkedin and X/Twitter

Have a great weekend everyone,


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