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Episode #46: Alex Nascimento on Tokenizing Real World Assets

Episode #46: Alex Nascimento on Tokenizing Real World Assets

UCLA professor and fund manager joins to discuss the potential of asset tokens in Brazil

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Olá pessoal!

I hope everyone is having a great week! For this latest podcast episode I had the chance to welcome not one but two special guests. The first is my guest co-host Antonio Neto, whom you may recall was my first-ever interviewee for this show last year when he was the head of Brazil and Latam at FTX.

We were also joined by Alex Nascimento, who is a professor at UCLA in the US and a partner at 7 Visions Digital, a São Paulo-based venture fund focused on tokenizing Real World Assets such as debt, precatories and environmental assets. He’s also the author of The STO Financial Revolution: How Security Tokens Change Businesses Forever.

In this episode, Alex discusses his experiences teaching crypto and blockchain at the university level and how demand for these courses have ebbed and flowed with the crypto markets. We also discuss:

  • the challenges inherent in sourcing qualified talent in the blockchain industry

  • the value proposition of security tokens and how these assets fit into crypto cycles dating back to 2017

  • how Brazil’s financial regulators have been forward thinking on questions of tokens

  • the problem of fragmentation in securities regulation regimes worldwide

  • the investment proposition of regulated real world asset tokens vis-a-vis more volatile crypto-native assets

  • the challenges inherent to fully registering the full lifecycle of an RWA token on chain

  • the lack of quality yield-generating products currently available to the Brazilian populationhow asset tokenization can offer high-yield investment opportunities to retail investors that would be otherwise unavailable

  • the role and effectiveness of regulatory sandboxes such as the one operated by Brazil’s CVM

  • how institutional finance in Brazil can participate in decentralized finance using zero knowledge proofs and other tools

  • how 7 Visions Digital is exploring novel tokenization products like carbon credits, precatories and receivables

  • why Latin America will be the next big bitcoin mining hub

I really enjoyed this conversation with Alex and Antonio and I hope you do as well. You can watch on YouTube below, Spotify or Apple Podcasts