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Episode #50: Measuring Crypto Sentiment in Brazil with Cryptum's André Salem

Episode #50: Measuring Crypto Sentiment in Brazil with Cryptum's André Salem

New survey of 1,000+ consumers and financial markets professionals sheds light on crypto/Web3 sentiment and adoption in Brazil
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🔥 Quick shout out to our partners at the BlockchainSP Festival and Digital Finance Brasil. These events will take place June 20-23 at the University of São Paulo and bring together crypto and TradFi professionals, students, hackers and investors from all walks. I hope to see you all there!

Olá pessoal!

For this episode I am joined by Cryptum CEO André Salem to discuss illuminating new research exploring crypto adoption and sentiment in Brazil that him and his team have produced.

Cryptum is a Brazil-based blockchain-as-a-service stack that provides tools for developers and companies looking to build blockchain and Web3 applications.

André and his team recently commissioned an extensive survey of more than 1000 consumers and financial market professionals assessing their views toward cryptocurrency and the Web3 ecosystem in Brazil. (You can download the full report here)

We discuss the main findings from the survey, including:

  • Most Brazilians have a positive view of what is happening on the Digital Real front given the Central Bank’s track record of delivering on previous financial innovation projects.

  • There is still lacking a sound understanding of crypto, Web3 and how these concepts intertwine with Digital Real, though people see reduced bureaucracy and more efficient financial transactions as a potential benefit

  • The risk of hacking remains a significant concern among concerns

  • Most financial services companies don’t have a good understanding of what the Digital Real means for their business models, nor are they ready to adopt these technologies.

  • Tokenization is seen as a bridge use case between Web3 and TradFi, as companies can become fintechs once they are able to tokenize their own assets. However, there is still a gap with regard to talent and skills in these areas.

I definitely recommend checking out the full interview with André to learn more. You can tune in on the Substack platform or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or YouTube below 💣

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time!


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