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Episode #52: Onsite at Digital Finance Brazil with Renan Kruger of Santander Brasil

Episode #52: Onsite at Digital Finance Brazil with Renan Kruger of Santander Brasil

Digital assets specialist discusses the bank's involvement in the Digital Real pilot and tokenization ecosystem

Olá pessoal!

Renan Kruger is a digital asset specialist at Santander Brasil, one of Brazil's largest banks and one that is actively involved in the country's budding digital asset space.

This episode was recorded live during a fireside chat I did with Renan at the Digital Finance Brazil event on June 22 at the University of São Paulo. In this conversation we discuss:

  • how Santander Brasil is studying the digital asset market and regulatory ecosystem in the country

  • the bank's participation in the Brazilian Central Bank's Digital Real pilot program, particularly how it will test a blockchain-enabled delivery-versus-payment method for tokenized government bonds

  • how the Digital Real ecosystem will change the relationship between banks and investors while making investments more transparent and accessible.

  • a future in which every consumer will have two kinds of accounts in their bank app: a digital account for tokenized assets and a traditional account for transferring money.

You can connect with Renan on Linkedin

I really enjoyed this conversation with Renan and I hope you do as well. You can listen in your browser here on Substack, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or on YouTube below

Have a great week everyone.


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