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Episode #54: Tackling Crypto's Custody Crisis with Arculus

Episode #54: Tackling Crypto's Custody Crisis with Arculus

Adam Lowe discusses Arculus's novel three-factor authenticated hardware wallet solution and the manufacturer's expansion efforts into Latam

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Olá pessoal!

It's been a rough few months for the crypto custody world.

In May, Ledger sparked a massive backlash when it released a controversial key recovery mechanism. Regulated custodian Prime Trust is accused of misusing customer funds and has been put into receivership by the state of Nevada. Earlier this week, Nasdaq publicly backed away from plans to launch its own crypto custody service.

CoinDesk summed it up nicely in an article entitled “Apparently It’s Very Difficult to Custody Crypto”. Custody is supposed to be a boring, meat and potatoes topic in crypto, but given the problems the industry is collectively experiencing in this area, I think it warrants further examination.

To help us understand these challenges and explore potential solutions, I invited Composecure chief product officer Adam Lowe to the show to help us unravel.

Composecure is a publicly traded company and has been a leading manufacturer of high-end metal payment cards and authentication technologies for two decades. It is also the manufacturer of the Arculus hardware wallet, which features three-factor authentication and military-grade cryptography and focuses on delivering on safety, simplicity and security and and how this solution addresses the crypto industry's ongoing custody woes.

Adam Lowe defending the crypto castle against invading hackers, as visualized by MidJourney

In this episode, Adam discusses Arculus's dual key solution for retail customers, as well as its B2B white label solution - which has partnerships already established in Asia and Latam.

You can connect with Adam on Linkedin

I really enjoyed this conversation with Adam and I hope you find it insightful.


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