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Episode #55: Gean Chu on Honey Island Capital's new Web3 fund

Episode #55: Gean Chu on Honey Island Capital's new Web3 fund

New fund focuses solely on liquid tokens and onchain strategies

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Olá pessoal!

I hope everyone had a great week. I’m excited to share my latest podcast with Gean Chu.

Gean is a partner at Honey Island Capital, a Curitiba-based venture firm founded by several veterans of fintech unicorn Ebanx. In this conversation we discuss Honey Island's investment theses and portfolio of companies that provide credit and financial services to underbanked populations in Brazil.

We also explore Honey Island’s new Web3 fund, managed by Gean, which is focused on liquid tokens (as opposed to equity) and on-chain strategies like staking, farming and liquidity provision.

We also dive into Gean’s previous life as a computer engineer and entrepreneur before coming into Web3 - including a startup that became one of Brazil’s largest ice cream companies.

Honey Island Capital partners celebrating the launch of their Web3 fund, per MidJourney

I really enjoyed this conversation with Gean and I hope you do as well You can connect with Gean on Linkedin and Twitter.


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