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Brazil Crypto Report
Episode #56: Rai Auad on Bringing Web3 Education to Brazil

Episode #56: Rai Auad on Bringing Web3 Education to Brazil

Rai shares her journey from quitting her job in TradFi to become a full-time Web3 content creator

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Olá pessoal!

For this week’s podcast I am joined by Rai Auad, who is one of Brazil’s leading Web3 educators and content creators.

Rai shares her journey from working in traditional finance to becoming a full-time web3 influencer and entrepreneur, starting with an interest in Axie Infinity and other crypto games in 2021.

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Soon after, she quit her job at Itaú to begin creating Web3 educational content full-time for the Brazilian audience, modifying her approach along the way as the market has shifted and narratives have changed.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • challenges of balancing Rai’s many ventures, from content creation to event coverage to her role in Web3 communities and startups in Brazil

  • her experiences playing more than 70 different crypto games

  • how she engages her audience across different channels and platforms

  • the ups and downs inherent in being an independent content creator

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Have a great weekend everyone