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Episode #57: Paysafe's Leandro Pereira on iGaming and Crypto Payments Adoption

Episode #57: Paysafe's Leandro Pereira on iGaming and Crypto Payments Adoption

Paysafe's head of growth for Latam discusses the global payment infrastructure provider's crypto payments stack

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Olá pessoal!

For this episode I’m joined by Leandro Pereira who is head of growth for Latam at Paysafe and a 10 year veteran of the Brazil crypto scene.

PaySafe provides payment infrastructure and wallets, with solutions for alternative payment methods, prepaid cards, debit cards and crypto payments. The company’s main clients in the region are in the gambling and igaming spaces, and it is expanding its presence in other verticals like crypto payments and cross-border transactions.

We discuss Leandro’s trajectory in the ecosystem, the intersection of payments, blockchain and crypto in Latin America, and his role at Paysafe where he oversees growth for the region.

We also discuss Borderless Money, a project Leandro co-founded that functions as a DeFi platform for social causes and impact. Users can deposit USDC which then generate yields that are distributed to selected social causes that are voted on by the community.

You can connect with Leandro on Linkedin.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Leandro and I hope you do as well. Have a great week everyone


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