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Episode #60: Mayra Siqueira on Algorand in Latam and Binance's Early Days in Brazil

Episode #60: Mayra Siqueira on Algorand in Latam and Binance's Early Days in Brazil

Algorand Foundation's Brazil community manager discusses the Layer 1 chain's growth and market fit in Brazil in Latam

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MidJourney prompt: a legendary Turing Award-winning computer scientist brings his new high speed blockchain to Brazil

Olá pessoal!

In this week’s episode I’m joined by Mayra Siqueira, Brazil community manager at the Algorand Foundation. Mayra is responsible for evangelizing Algorand, a highly-performant Layer 1 blockchain developed by renowned computer scientist and Turing Award winner Silvio Micali, in Brazil and Latam.

Prior to joining Algorand Foundation, Mayra was Binance’s first employee in Brazil.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Algorand as an efficient, scalable alternative Layer 1 chain that offers instant finality

  • Several use cases and applications being developed in the region using Algorand, including tokenized commodities like AgroToken and NFT ticketing applications like TravelX in Argentina - which has issued more than one million airplane tickets since launch

  • Her experience as Binance’s first employee in Brazil and what it was like to bootstrap a community from scratch - ultimately resulting in Binance becoming by far the most popular crypto exchange in the country

  • The differences between trying to bootstrap a community in bull market versus a bear market

  • The challenges of trying to lure Latam developers and builders into Web3

  • Programs and resources that Algorand Foundation offers to builders in the region

You can connect with Mayra on Linkedin and Algorand Brasil on Twitter.

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