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Episode #64: Bringing Trust to Crypto Data with Lukka CEO Robert Materazzi

Episode #64: Bringing Trust to Crypto Data with Lukka CEO Robert Materazzi

CEO of unicorn crypto data services firm shares his interest in Brazil market

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Olá pessoal!

After starting as “Turbotax for Crypto” product 10 years ago that helped retail crypto holders figure out their tax obligations, Lukka has built itself into a unicorn enterprise crypto data services company offering institutional-grade accounting, audit and data products.

CEO Robert Materazzi and his team passed through Brazil recently to meet with regulators and industry stakeholders, and we had the opportunity to meet up and record this interview in São Paulo.

Topics we cover in this conversation:

  • Lukka’s product suite, which includes financial reporting and proprietary data products, as well as its Lukka Prime product that is used by S&P, Dow Jones indices and a number of major crypto exchanges

  • how Lukka’s data services power many of the proposed bitcoin ETFs queueing up to launch in the US

  • why TradFi companies like S&P and State Street are among Lukka’s customers

  • Lukka’s fundraising history and current cap table. In its Series E funding round, completed in January 2022, Lukka raised US$110 million at a US$1.3 billion valuation from investors like Marshall Wallace, Miami International Holdings, S&P and State Street

  • Reflections from Robert’s recent trip to Brazil and how Brazil squares against other markets on the regulatory front

I really enjoyed this conversation with Robert and I hope you do as well. You can connect with Robert and the Lukka team through their website

Have a great week everyone!


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