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Episode #65: Onsite at Blockchain Rio with Taynaah Reis

Episode #65: Onsite at Blockchain Rio with Taynaah Reis

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Olá pessoal!

Taynaah Reis is a Brazilian technologist, entrepreneur and activist. In this episode, recorded onsite at Blockchain Rio earlier this month, we discuss how she learned to code at 12 years old, how she started her first company at 16, and her current entrepreneurial and social impact initiatives that make use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

These projects include Moeda Seeds - a crypto-powered microcredit platform that was one of the first crypto projects in Brazil, financial education platform Inkluziva and O2 Foundation - which is building a marketplace for tokenized carbon credits.

Taynaah was also a named a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer in 2023 👏

You can connect with Taynaah on Linkedin

I really enjoyed this conversation with Taynaah and I hope you do as well. Have a great week everyone!


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