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Episode #72: Inside BRLA - Brazil's Newest Stablecoin

Episode #72: Inside BRLA - Brazil's Newest Stablecoin

The market for BRL-pegged stablecoins is expanding

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Olá pessoal!

Lucas Giorgio and Matheus Moura are on the founding team of BRLA Digital, which is building onramp solutions for crypto companies looking to onboard Brazilian customers and create products targeted at local users.

Among these solutions is their BRLA stablecoin and a set of APIs that allow companies to easily on and off-ramp between BRL and BRLA, USDC or USDT using Pix.

Earlier this week, the BRLA Digital team announced a R$3 million (US$600,00) pre-seed investment round led by ex-Binance CFO Wei Zhou and SimpliPay founder Rodrigo Benez.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why the team pivoted away from building a CVM-regulated crypto fund in favor of creating a stablecoin

  • The current challenges foreign companies face when looking to onboard Brazilian users

  • Why there is room in the market for competing BRL-pegged stablecoins

  • The growing demand they are seeing from foreign companies looking for these types of on and off-ramp solutions

I really enjoyed this conversation with Lucas and Matheus and I hope you do as well. You can connect with both of them on Linkedin.

Have a great week everyone,


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