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Episode #75: How Chainalysis Sees Brazil's Crypto Economy with Kim Grauer

Episode #75: How Chainalysis Sees Brazil's Crypto Economy with Kim Grauer

Chainalysis's director of research joins to discuss the new 2023 Geography of Cryptocurrency report

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Olá pessoal!

Kim Grauer is the director of research at Chainalysis, which is a leading blockchain data and analytics firm. She is also the author of Chainalysis’s annual Geography of Cryptocurrency Report, which is the gold standard report for cryptocurrency adoption trends around the world.

Brazil slipped in this year’s rankings slightly from 7th to 9th place, but overall adoption trends in the country remained strong during the period analyzed (July 2022 - June 2023) despite what was overall a pretty bad 12 months for the industry.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • The five pillars used in the index to measure adoption: centralized exchanges (institutional and retail), peer-to-peer and DeFi (institutional and retail)

  • Why Brazil shows high institutional crypto activity compared to other Latin American markets

  • How retail crypto activity remained steady in Brazil despite heavy volatility during the observed period, indicating sustained grassroots interest

  • Growing interest in stablecoins throughout the region

  • Crypto adoption in other Latin American countries like Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia

  • The inverse correlation (but not necessarily causation!) between currency depreciation and crypto adoption in countries like Argentina

  • The prevalence of crypto adoption and usage in emerging markets economies around the world

I really enjoyed this conversation with Kim and I hope you do as well.

You can connect with Kim on Linkedin

Have a great weekend everyone,


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