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Episode #76: Credix Wants to Bring Blockchain-Based Financing to 100,000 SMEs in 2024

Episode #76: Credix Wants to Bring Blockchain-Based Financing to 100,000 SMEs in 2024

Thomas Bohner, CEO of the Solana-based decentralized credit marketplace, is intensifying his focus on the Brazil market

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Olá pessoal!

We have an exciting episode for you today with Thomas Bohner, CEO of Credix - which is one of the most exciting startups operating in the asset tokenization space right now.

Credix is a decentralized credit marketplace built on Solana that unites institutional capital in developed markets with fintechs and non-bank lenders in emerging market economies, who are then more able to make credit available to their retail and SME customers.

I recorded an episode with CTO Maxim Piessen back in August 2022 to learn more about the mechanics of the platform and how it all works, and it has been my most downloaded episode to date.

Shortly after releasing that episode, the team announced a funding round of US$11 million from Motive Partners, ParaFi Capital, Valor Capital, Fuse Capital, Circle Ventures and others.

The company now enables more than 10,000 small borrowers, primarily in Brazil but also in Colombia and Mexico, to access US$40 million in loans that would have otherwise been unattainable or unaffordable.

Thomas’ ambitious goal for 2024 is to grow Credix’s loan book to US$100 million and provide financing to 100,000 SMEs by the end of the year.

Key points that we discuss in this conversation include:

  • A new US$60 million credit facility that will allow Credix to expand its operations and loan book in Latin America

  • Why the team decided to build its core infrastructure on Solana, and what it has been like to ride Solana ecosystem’s ups and downs over the last two years

  • How Credix is able to lower the barriers to entry for alternative asset investors seeking exposure to the Brazilian credit market

  • How Credix launched a US$10 million USDC receivables pool in Colombia with Clave, a lender that supports small farmers in the region. Initial investors in the pool include Solana Foundation and Keyrock

  • The new Tokenized Asset Coalition, of which Credix is a founding member alongside Coinbase, Circle, Aave and others

  • Why Credix is doubling down on the Brazil market specifically

I really enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about Credix and I hope you do as well.

You can connect with Thomas on Linkedin and Twitter/X

If you want to learn more about Credix, I recommend having a listen to this podcast with Maxim from last year 👇

Have a great week everyone,


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