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Episode 78: Argentina's Next Steps with Daniel Rybnik and Júlian Colombo

Episode 78: Argentina's Next Steps with Daniel Rybnik and Júlian Colombo

co-founder of ONG Bitcoin Argentina and CEO of Bitso Argentina discuss what the Javier Milei administration could mean for the country's crypto economy

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Olá pessoal!

Because of the enormous significance of Javier Milei’s surprise presidential election victory in Argentina, I reckoned it would be worthwhile to bring in a few additional local experts to help explore the potential bitcoin and crypto implications of this seismic event.

  • Daniel Rybnik is the co-founder of ONG Bitcoin Argentina, a non-profit advocacy group, and is one of the OGs of the country’s bitcoin community.

  • Julian Colombo is the CEO of Bitso Argentina. Bitso is among the largest and longest-running exchanges in Latin America with more than 7 million customers

Themes we discuss in this conversation:

  • the sentiment of the Argentine population after the peso lost 70% of its value over the last 10 months

  • how crypto adoption in the country has surged because the government has failed to maintain a strong currency, and how this became an issue that ultimately bridged the political divide

  • the roadblocks that Milei will face when implementing his agenda, given that he has no prior public sector experience and is lacking congressional support

  • why some of Milei’s more extreme campaign promises (like firing 50% of government employees and abolishing the central bank) will be difficult to enact, but radical changes could indeed come within the first 2-3 months of his administration

  • why restrictions on the use and sale of cryptocurrency will likely be lifted under the Milei administration - opening the door for more adoption by both retail and institutional players

  • why the best thing Milei can do for crypto and bitcoin is to not focus on crypto regulation but rather work on lifting barriers and obstacles to growing the economy more broadly

  • why Argentina’s bitcoin community is highly enthusiastic about a Milei presidency

You can connect with Daniel and Julian on Linkedin

Have a great week everyone,


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