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Episode #85: On Technophilosophy with Rafael Castaneda

Episode #85: On Technophilosophy with Rafael Castaneda

Software engineer and professor turned crypto community builder and content creator explains his views on crypto in 2024

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Olá pessoal!

Greetings from Krakow, Poland where I spent the weekend exploring my family’s ancestral connections and meeting some very distant cousins for the very first time.

Brazil Crypto Report will resume its normal publishing schedule this coming week, but in the meantime please have a listen to this incredible episode with Rafael Castaneda.

Rafael is a computer scientist, professor, community builder and self-described "techno-philosopher" sitting at the intersection of technology, ethics and futurism. He is the founder and host of the popular "Casta Crypto" channel and the Casta Guild, which provides Web3 training and education for its members.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Rafael shares how his unique background - from software engineer and professor to crypto analyst and now full-time content creator and community builder led to his "techno-philosophical" approach to understanding crypto and Web3 technologies.

  • We discuss concepts like crypto enabling new forms of human coordination, "digital nations", creating alternative opt-out systems, and more. Rafael sees crypto as a socio-political revolution, not just an economic one.

  • On market trends, Rafael provides insightful commentary on Ethereum's reliance on Layer 2 solutions, the differences between Ethereum and Solana's approaches, and more.

  • He makes some bold predictions like the emergence of DeFi protocols compliant with regulations, as well as further merging of centralized and decentralized finance.

  • Rafael also shares intriguing perspectives on Brazil's central bank digital currency initiative, which aspires to go beyond CBDC to include tokenizing bonds, automobile titles and other types of assets on a smart contract platform managed by the central bank.

  • Throughout the conversation, Rafael demonstrates remarkable intellectual breadth, spanning philosophy, game theory, political economy, emerging technologies, etc.

I’ve been in the world of crypto journalism and content creation for more than seven years now, and I can say confidently that this is the most dynamic, engaging and insightful conversation I’ve ever had. There simply aren’t that many people in crypto who are offering truly new ideas, perspectives or ways of engaging technological change in the way that Rafael is.

You can follow and connect with Rafael on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter/X, Linkedin and via his Casta Guild website

Have a great week everyone,


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