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Episode #91: Brazil Roundtable at ETH Denver

Episode #91: Brazil Roundtable at ETH Denver

Thiago Rudiger, João Zecchin and Bruno Maia join to discuss their learnings from one of the year's most influential Ethereum gatherings

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Olá pessoal!

Greetings from ETH Denver where we’re powering ahead into Day 3 of the main event. This has become a must-attend gathering every year because of its sheer size and influence. I haven’t seen official numbers but have heard from organizers that 25,000 people descended into the city this week for the conference.

ETH Denver is a great barometer because what happens here sets the agenda for the rest of the year in Ethereum-land (crypto more broadly). BCR had the chance to sit down three Brazilian executives onsite to get their perspectives on this year’s event:

- Thiago Rudiger, VP of growth at Tanssi

- Bruno Maia, head of business development at Cartesi

- João Zecchin, co-founder of Fuse Capital

We covered several key themes around crypto's growth and adoption, as well as why ETH Denver is such a unique event for ecosystem builders.

  • The double-edged sword of airdrops

While airdrops help to boost protocol adoption and give builders an opportunity to get quick feedback on their product, they contribute to the "get rich quick" speculative environment as the crypto market rebounds. However, properly designed airdrops can be a powerful means to efficiently acquire users.

• Modular Blockchains Unlocking New Capabilities

Protocols like Cartesi and Tanssi are tapping into modularity and application-specific chains to enable new use cases. However, increased complexity from cross-chain composability remains an open challenge.

At the end of the day, the modular versus monolithic blockchain debate appears overplayed in the sense that is a technical discussion, and end users aren’t necessarily going to know or care about these particular details

  • All Eyes on DePIN

From computing to storage to wireless and 5G networks, crypto-economic driven alternatives to traditional physical infrastructure networks offer an intriguing value proposition in this cycle despite the surrounding hype.

• Behind the Narrative – Solving Real-World Problems

Is 2024 the year where Web3 begins shipping at scale products and services that people want to use and will pay to use?

• Brazil's Unique Opportunity

Our experts highlighted Brazil's special position with aligned regulators, massive adoption in traditional finance, and growth in crypto developers. As João urged, Brazilian builders need to take advantage of this "generational opportunity."

Big thanks to João, Thiago and Bruno for coming on the show to share their thoughts. I'm looking forward to returning to ETH Denver next year to track the industry's progress in turning these possibilities into reality.

Have a great week everyone,


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