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Episode #92: Luca Cosivi previews ETHSamba and Rio Onchain Week

Episode #92: Luca Cosivi previews ETHSamba and Rio Onchain Week

Rio Onchain Week to convene builders from across Brazil's Web3 "tribes"

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Olá pessoal!

For this week’s episode I sat down with Luca Cosivi, who works in business development at Open Zeppelin and is also helping to organize Rio Onchain Week March 19-24.

As Luca explains, Rio Onchain Week is modeled after Devconnect — the popular developer focused event supported by Ethereum Foundation. The objective is to bring together Brazil's scattered "tribes" of Web3 builders under one umbrella.

It will feature a mix of community-organized meetups, workshops and networking events, drawing some 500 builders and culminating in the second-annual ETHSamba hackathon.

While many of the week’s events will be Ethereum-focused, Luca explains that the organizing team is encouraging all Web3 “tribes” to participate.

"We wanted to welcome everyone. The agenda is very open. We are curating it, of course, but the Rio Onchain Week is very open, so even if you are not totally Ethereum-aligned, you can still use that week to do your own event."

You can learn more about Rio Onchain Week here. You can also connect with Luca on Linkedin to learn more about sponsorships, hosting your own event as part of the week, or participating in some other form.

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