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Episode #93: The Latin Life Arbitrage

Episode #93: The Latin Life Arbitrage

Vance from My Latin Life joins to tells us why gringos are flocking to Latin America

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Olá pessoal!

I hope everyone is doing great. We’re switching things up this week with a lighter theme: the growing trend of gringos moving to Latam as a lifestyle arbitrage play.

To help us better understand, I’m joined by Vance, who is the founder of My Latin Life — a platform dedicated to helping expats and digital nomads navigate life in Latin America.

We talk about the growing trend of outsiders moving to the region since 2020, the contrast between life in Latin America and the US/Canada, and the role crypto has played in this migration.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • The rise of remote work - particularly in sectors like crypto and tech - and the ability to make money online has democratized the ability to live an international lifestyle, allowing more people than ever to escape harsh winters and experience the warmth and vibrancy of Latin America.

  • While the "snowbird" trend of wintering in places like Florida was once only accessible to the wealthy, the new generation of remote workers can now "winter" in exotic destinations like Mexico or Costa Rica at a fraction of the cost.

  • Hiring household help, such as maids and chefs, is a game-changer for expats in Latin America, freeing up significant time and improving quality of life – something that many Americans and Canadians are initially uncomfortable with but quickly come to appreciate.

  • Crypto products and services like Bitrefill are enabling expats to live entirely on crypto, using gift cards and merchant balances to cover everyday expenses without needing to touch fiat currency.

  • While the pre-2020 expat scene in Latin America was dominated by "nerds", “chads” and "party bros," the post-pandemic influx has been more diverse. Families, retirees, and "normal people" are joining the mix, seeking an authentic experience beyond all-inclusive resorts.

Importantly, Vance argues that all of this isn’t a temporary trend. He predicts that as the world becomes increasingly globalized, the trend of internationalization and "a la carte" lifestyles — where different aspects of one's life are spread across multiple countries — will continue to gain momentum, with Latin America being a prime destination.

You can connect with Vance and My Latin Life on X/Twitter

I hope you enjoy this conversation. Have a great week everyone,


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