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Episode #97: Will the Modular Thesis Prevail? with João Kury

Episode #97: Will the Modular Thesis Prevail? with João Kury

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Olá pessoal!

João Kury is the co-founder of Modular Crypto, a popular Portuguese language content and events platform that aims to expand Web3 knowledge and opportunity in Brazil.

We chat about his experiences attending ETH Denver and ETH Latam in Honduras, the origins of Modular Crypto and the state of the ongoing modular versus monolithic blockchain rivalry.

Key takeaways from this interview:

  • One of the key early contributors to Bankless Brasil, Kury reflects on the emergence of the first-ever Brazilian DAO — which quickly became the largest spinoff of the popular Bankless brand.

  • There is a strong need for more localized educational content in Portuguese. Kury explains that most crypto-related information available is in only English or Spanish, making it difficult for Brazilian users to access and understand these technological developments. This one of his driving reasons for starting Modular Crypto.

  • Modular Crypto is expanding through a series of educational events across Brazil, with the goal of reaching beyond the major hubs like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Floripa.

  • Kury offers his take on the ongoing "modular vs. monolithic" blockchain debate, arguing that the future lies in specialized, modular chains rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of monolithic blockchains.

  • How Brazil can serve as a model for other Latin American countries when it comes to developing real-world use cases, particularly with the advancement of the Drex project run by the Brazilian Central Bank.

You can connect with João and Modular Crypto on X/Twitter and Instagram.

I really enjoyed this conversation with João and I hope you do as well.

Have a great week everyone,


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