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Episode #98: Blockchain Adoption Across Latin America with Luiz Hadad

Episode #98: Blockchain Adoption Across Latin America with Luiz Hadad

Author of the 2024 Blockchain Latam Report joins to discuss adoption trends throughout the region

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Olá pessoal!

Luiz Hadad is a crypto researcher, advisor, and builder who has been deeply embedded in LatAm's blockchain ecosystem for years. He is also the author of the Sherlock Communications 2024 Blockchain Latin Report, which is the most comprehensive look at crypto and Web3 developments across the region.

Luiz has produced this report the last few years, and thus has an incredible birds-eye view of the industry. I invited him to join the show to help us better understand the state of play across the region and shed light on the key trends he uncovered while putting together the new 2024 edition.

Quick note that BCR is excited to be a media partner for Ethereum Rio ‘24, which is happening May 13-15 at the Xian Rio. We’ll be discussing the EVM economy in Brazil, tokenization, DePIN, interoperability, fundraising in the bull market and more.

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Some highlights from my conversation my with Luiz:

⚡ Key LatAm Countries Driving Crypto Adoption

  • Argentina's tale of "adoption by necessity" amid economic turmoil

  • Why Paraguay is becoming a Bitcoin mining mecca

  • The untapped potential of Brazil to be LatAm's crypto innovation hub

🌎 How Country Conditions Influence Blockchain Use Cases

  • Framing disruptive crypto innovation vs. incremental financial change

  • Why remittances are a huge crypto adoption catalyst in Mexico and Colombia

  • El Salvador's bold Bitcoin City experiment as a model for nation-state adoption

🔍 Regulatory Frontiers + Opportunities for Investors

  • Inside the Bitcoin bond market El Salvador is cultivating

  • Brazil's tokenization blitz and huge retail market

  • The mixed bag of mining-friendly and anti-crypto policies across LatAm

🧰 Top Builders, Projects, and Crypto Culture Highlights

  • How one Mexican billionaire has become a vocal bitcoin proponent

  • Grassroots adoption in Venezuela despite lack of clear regulations

  • The cultural legacy of "social currencies" grooming Brazilians for crypto

💎 Key Takeaways

  • Hyperbitcoinization narratives like El Salvador's grab headlines, but grassroots crypto usage is more advanced in places like Venezuela and Argentina

  • Brazil is a true emerging crypto power with powerful regulation + infrastructure laying the foundation for future innovation

  • Lack of clear regulation in many LatAm markets is slowing institutional investment, but the community blazes forward anyway with its "unstoppable" ethos

  • Latam is ripe for tailored, localized crypto products and educational resources to meet pent-up demand

You can connect with Luiz on X/Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Luiz and I hope you do as well.

Have a great week everyone,


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