Brazil Crypto Report
Brazil Crypto Report
Kim Grauer of Chainalysis on Brazilian On-Chain Trends

Kim Grauer of Chainalysis on Brazilian On-Chain Trends

Chainalysis's Director of Research joins to discuss the Brazil-related findings in her latest report

bd Brazil crypto crew,

Last week, I wrote about a new Cryptocurrency Gains by Country report by Chainalysis, a leading blockchain analytics and data company, that explored how crypto investors across different geographies gained in 2021.

I was fortunate to host Kim Grauer, Director of Research at Chainalysis, on the Brazil Crypto Report podcast to discuss the methodologies involved in putting together this report and the key findings that pertain to Brazil and the broader Latam region.

Chainalysis has some of the most sophisticated blockchain data analysis tools in the industry and are able to produce unparalleled insights into on-chain trends, so I hope you find this conversation as valuable as I did. While blockchain data isn’t perfect and can’t give us a fully accurate picture of what’s happening in a given geography, Chainalysis takes us as close as we can realistically get at this point in time.

Chainalysis also produces an annual report looking at the Geography of Cryptocurrency. So if you enjoy this type of content, I would highly recommend taking a look.

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