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🇧🇷BCR Podcast: Paulo Alves, Crypto Editor at InfoMoney

🇧🇷BCR Podcast: Paulo Alves, Crypto Editor at InfoMoney

We discuss Rio de Janeiro's bid to become a crypto hub, crypto legislation and the pending Binance vs Coinbase showdown

Paulo Alves is the crypto editor at InfoMoney, one of Brazil’s largest financial news media publications. We discuss the blitzkrieg of crypto news that has come out of Brazil over the last month. 

Some of the themes we cover:

  • Rio de Janeiro's ambitions to transform itself into a crypto capital in the region and why that's proving to be more difficult than expected.

  • CZ's recent charm offensive across Brazil and Binance's plans to formally enter the market

  • Coinbase's reported plans to acquire 2TM and Mercado Bitcoin and the pending showdown with Binance

  • The state of the crypto regulation bill that appears set to pass the Brazilian Congress in the coming months

I hope you find this conversation as interesting as I did